Zing Boxes

- Step 1: Choose a full portion of selected main courses - Dynamite Kung Pao, Malaysian Coconut Curry, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Glazed Sesame Chicken, Fresh Lemon Chicken, Thai Green Curry, Chunky Shredded Beef, Beef Rendang (+50p), Chilli Beef Strips (+50p), Honey Glazed Char Siu (+50p), Sesame Chilli Tofu, Szechuan Aubergine, Sweet Potato Rending.
- Step 2: Add Steamed White Rice, Edamame Egg Fried Rice (+50p) or Steamed Brown Rice and Grain (£1).
- Step 3: Add a starter to any Zing Box for an extra £4.95.
Perfect for shindigs, gatherings and parties. Especially communist parties.
£ 7.95

Zing Box